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Phone-to-Scope Connector™

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This incredible device quickly connects your smartphone to your optics devices!


This is the Phone-to-Scope Connector™ that allows anyone with a binocular, monocular, or telescope and a smartphone to take amazing celestial images or videos. Compatible with any microscope, telescope, binocular, monocular, nightvision spotting scope. 


  • Set this up with your scope in minutes to get the perfect video or shot
  • Allows you the ability to record videos with your phone instead of always having to look through the scope
  • Because you can record video, you don't always have to be looking through your scope. You can set your phone to record, leave, and come back later to check the video to see if you missed anything!
  • Allows you to take pictures or videos of the perfect moment and never lose the memory because you can look at it again later on your phone
  • Allows you to effortlessly look at your phone screen instead of endlessly looking through your scope (which can sometimes cause a lot of neck and back pain)
  • Easy Installation: Just need to place the phone lens just right to line it up on the scope's lens
  • Very portable, can take it anywhere with you and easily fit into your binocular or scope case
  • Safe and Comfortable: the outface to connect phone and eyepiece are covered by soft material. This will keep your device from any scratches or damage.


This Phone-to-Scope Connector™ fits 54-90mm, for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6s Plus 5.5inch / iPhone 6 / iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / Note 5, Sony Z5 Compact / Z5 Premium, and pretty much every smartphone out there.

This is a very good purchase and will last you a long time - the main part is made out of aluminum metal, and quite sturdy. The phone clamp is made of high strength PA Plastic.

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