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Toilet Motion Sensing LED Night Light

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  • Light Sensor Ensures Device Only Works In Dark Conditions
  • Motion Sensor Activates Automatically When Approached
  • 8 Colors To Choose From, Set One Color Or Watch Them Change
  • Easy To Install, Simply Hang On The Side Of Your Toilet
  • Simply Remove To Clean Device And Your Toilet
  • Combined With Smart Sensors & An Efficient LED, Battery Life Is Exceptional
  • Bright, High Quality LEDs
  • Splash Proof 
  • Extremely Convenient!  No Need To Turn The Lights On At Night
  • Motion Sensor Range Is Up To 7 Feet
  • Turns Off After 2 Minutes



We’ve all been there; your blurry eyes make your way over to the clock on your nightstand, only for you to realize it’s 3:45 in the morning, and you need to go to the bathroom.

You’ve got to go and quick. 

While making your way to the bathroom, you bump into every conceivable wall and door frame, only to sleepily miss the toilet bowl while going, or sitting down to take care of business once you’re finally there. 

Well for those that want easy trips to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning, there’s the Toilet Motion Sensing LED Night Light. 

The Toilet Motion Sensing LED Night Light is a quick, powerful solution for anyone who has ever had a midnight bathroom adventure go awry. The Toilet Motion Sensing LED Night Light adheres easily to your toilet with an adjustable arm, no need for messy adhesives or suction cups. T

Toilet Motion Sensing LED Night Light is also motion sensing so it turns on when you arrive and snaps off when you leave. Toilet Motion Sensing LED Night Light also has 8 different colors that it will seamlessly shift between, or you can set it to one solid color of your choosing.


Don’t fear that middle of the night trip to the bathroom anymore; it’s time to get the Toilet Motion Sensing LED Night Light and take back your ability to see without flipping on every light in the house.



Material: ABS
Quantity: 1 peice
Item Color: White
Light Color: 8 Different Colors
LED Quantity: 1
Sensor: Photosensitive Sensor, IR sensor
Motion Sensor Range: Up to 2m / 6.6ft
Light Delay Out Time: Approx. 120s
Battery: 3 x 1.5V AAA Battery
Batteries Included: No
Power: 1W 
Arm Length: Approx. 3.1"
Item Size: 2.6x2.8x0.8"



1 x Toilet Motion Sensing LED Night Light


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