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The EZ Detangler Hair Brush

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Detangle Coily Hair Without Discomfort!

The EZ Detangler Hair Brush can detangle Hair Type 3A to 4C without any issues. You can simply apply your favorite conditioner or wet your hair to easily glide through the curls and detangle. (Much easier detangling with Type 1 & 2 hair)

Look absolutely flawless with your naturally curly hair. Our company made it its mission to make it easy to go all-natural. Easy detangling makes wash days a breeze as it cuts down the time in more than half. So, you don’t have to hold off on wash days and look tangle and knot-free in confidence each and every day.

Our EZ Detangler Hair Brush is perfect for the tender-headed queens and their babies. Mommas out there love it. No tears on the "Wash Days" and cutting down detangling time in half are just some of the things we have heard time and time again.


  • Confidence Is Key: Professional salon-quality styling every time at home with our EZ Detangler Hair Brush, so you can step out in confidence.
  • Skip The Pain: "So the 4-year-old just got her hair washed and this the part where she normally starts screaming"  - Mamma approves!! 
  • Less Shedding: Our separated bristles evenly distribute pressure while brushing to minimize pulling resulting in less shedding and MUCH LESS PAIN!
  • Detangle In Half The Time: “Couldn’t wait to try it - received it today. Detangled my 4C hair with very little hair loss and half the time! I’m a believer!” – Straight from our Facebook Reviews
  • Save Money: Now you can confidently skip that next salon appointment and just do your wash and go routine home with our EZ Detangler Hair Brush.


HOW TO USE (Easy & Simple):

  • Start with wetting your hair with water or moisturize with your favorite conditioner. (Recommended for Type 4 Hair)
  • Section hair and begin detangling from the ends working your way up to the roots.
  • Let the separated bristles glide through your curls and detangle.



  • Materials: ABS
  • Size: 24 x 6cm
  • Color: Pink, Mint, Black 



  • 1 x The EZ Detangler Hair Brush


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