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RFID Money Clip Card Case

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The Most Powerful Card Case Ever!

Try this RFID Money Clip Card Case if your current wallet can't fit well into your jeans pocket! Though it is thin, it is able to carry your cards, notes and coins! You can choose to rotate the layers or to slide the cover up to get whatever you have inserted into it. Simply transform the construction to hold different things!


It is RFID blocking that no one can scan to achieve your personal data from credit card or ID card. Wear-proof, heat-resistant, anti-collision and pressure-resistant... You can even use it as a screwdriver! This must be the most powerful card case you have met in this decade!


  • Made of carbon fibre: it is corrosion resistant, lighter than aluminium but more rigid than steel
  • RFID blocking: keep your private information and credit card away from thieves' scanning devices, insure your private property safety
  • Super slim: come in size 3.5"x2.1", able to hold 10+ cards but observably thinner than traditional bulky ones
  • Transformable construction: you can transform the card case construction depending on your needs

  • Wear-proof, heat-resistant, anti-collision and pressure-resistant, it can resist all kinds of harm
  • Suitable for front or back pocket, easy to carry during your travel or business


  • Size: 3.5”x2.1”
  • Weight: 2.3 OZ
  • Material: Carbon Fibre

Package Includes:

  • 1 x RFID Money Clip Card Case


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