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Professional Silicone Sealant Applicator

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Create a perfect-looking seal every time while reducing wasted caulk or sealant!

Includes four tools that offer a variety of sealing edge sizes & shapes. A caulk removal tool is also included. The tools are easy to clean & can be used time & time again. The tools can be used indoors or out on just about every caulking & sealing project. 4-Piece caulking tool kit for a perfect finish. Creates seamless joints on indoor or outdoor projects. 8 sealing edge sizes.

A 4 piece caulking tool kit for a perfect finish. creates seamless joints on indoor or outdoor projects. Easy to use tools can be used on any edge, corner, or joint with 8 sealing edge sizes on the differently shaped tools. The kit includes a mini tool for hard to reach places and a caulk removal tool. Reusable edging tools are easy to clean and save on wasted caulk, silicone, or grout.


  • Any edge, any corner, any joint from 0 to 28mm.
  • Hassle free, clean job providing a  professional look.
  • Enables use on rough surfaces
  • No need to dampen the surface
  • No need for masking tape
  • A very practical spatula for molding, grouting, silicone , acrylic , joints , resin, grout etc.
  • Made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber)  , which has the characteristic that the silicone does not adhere to it permanently.
  • The  Spatula is finished with corners with different angles , allowing you to choose the appropriate tip for the job.
  • The cutter enables cutting the excess silicone - made of PP,
  • It  does not scratch the surface on which the silicon is being Now you can prevent any loose edges of silicone that trap moisture


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