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Ultra Sharp Precision Hair and Beard Trimmer

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Get Precision Styled Haircuts And Beards With This Remarkable Device!

With this electric but cordless hair trimmer equipped with four shaving heads you get a smooth and even result in no time. 

✅ A perfect cut in a few minutes.
✅ Light and easy to handle, perfect for beginners.
✅ Ideal for cutting hair, contours, beards and moustaches.

Precise, Clean Cuts Every Single Time

Achieve remarkable professional-looking designs and precision for your hair and beard with this amazing Hair Clipper, featuring ultra-sharp precision trimming blades to provide you with the best styling possibilities.

Create Unique Designs Effortlessly

Unlike razors, this head and beard trimmer uses a gentle touch to clean even the tiniest of hair off your head without any scratches, scrapes or razor burns. You can use it on a daily basis.

Barber Shop Quality At Home

Men spend a lot of money at the hairdresser to look as sharp as possible. In the long run this is a very considerable financial effort and time consuming, especially if you only need simple touch-ups. Thanks to this hair clipper you will achieve the same satisfaction in a few minutes in the comfort of your home. Create precision haircuts and next-level styles!


Silent Yet Powerful Precision Trimmer!

It uses a powerful low noise electric engine to give you a professional cutting experience without the annoying buzz.

The fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you complete freedom to squeeze a short haircut into your daily routine wherever you are.

It’s the perfect trimmer for everyone. 

The "All You Need" Package Right To Your Front Door

Equipped with cutting heads of different lengths, there is nothing to stop you from getting a clean cut as soon as you receive it. Easily swap the heads within seconds with its amazing R shaped obtuse-angular design!


Question: Does it hurt when shaving?

Answer: Not at all! The trimmer was designed so that the blades can cut the hair very short without ever touching the skin. Compared to "conventional" trimmers or razors, this one causes no pain, cuts or irritation. The SelfCare technology protects your skin from cuts.

Question: Can I achieve contours on my beard with this trimmer?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! This precision trimmer was developed for cutting hair and beard.

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: The 1000mAh lithium-ion battery provides over 150 minutes of uninterrupted runtime; charging in only 2 hours. The USB cable is compatible with any USB charger interface, so you can easily leave the charger while enjoying maximum mobility and convenience.

Question: What are the exact sizes of the attachments included?

Answer: It comes with 4 attachment combs:(1,5mm/3mm/6mm/9mm) to help you cut your hair to your desired length.

Question: Is the trimmer already adjusted or does it need to be adjusted first?

Answer: The trimmer is already adjusted and can be used immediately upon delivery.


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