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Magic Car Scratch Repair Paste

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A product that will instantly restore and fix your car’s look.


Designed to save your car from any type of scratches, maintain and enhance its brand new look. Works in an instant!

It has a lower cost compared with car shop services; will help you save time and money!


Use it with a cloth or a pad, and then apply it to the damaged area. Safe to use on any kind of car paint; non-toxic and smelless.


  • Instant Paint Repair

Instantly repair car scratches and scuffs. Works in few minutes upon application.

  • Protects and Covers

It serves as an extra paint cover and provides instant protection on cars to prevent future paint damages. 

  • Restores and Maintains Look

With its active repairing ingredients, it can restore your car’s original look and even maintain it with extra shine applied.

  • Multi-Functional

Perfectly effective in repair various damages done by oxidation, animal waste, scratches from nail, coat, paint to deep scratch.

  • Suitable for Any Type of Car Paint

It works in all kinds of cars and car paints. It is applicable to any clear coat, single stage, or multi-stage paint.

  • Safe

Made from non-toxic materials, free from any harmful chemicals. 


Net: 100mL

1x Car Scratch Repair Paste


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