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Neck and Shoulder Relaxing Pillow

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 The device is scientifically designed to cradle your neck along the base of the skull and take the weight of the head off the shoulders and neck allowing for full and deep relaxation. It is totally non-toxic and is the simplest, least expensive way to deeply relax your tired, sore neck and shoulders.

Imagine having a skilled massage therapist gently and firmly holding your head, while you completely surrender the weight of your head into their healing hands. This is just what the Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Pillow can accomplish for you. It allows for deep and profound muscle comfort.

The structure of the device allows you to deeply relax the weight of your head into the firm, soft inner surface while gently holding your head up. This allows many tight muscles of the neck and shoulders to relax.

Key Benefits

  • Deep and Profound muscle Relaxation
  • Results can be felt within 30 seconds
  • Can help the battle against stress and fatigue
  • Travel-friendly and beneficial
  • Releases neck and shoulder tension
  • Releases muscle tension even in the jaw.
  • Alleviate the snoring problem.


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