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Natural Organic Beard Growth Oil

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Stop Settling For A Patchy, Mediocre Beard!

We've created Natural Organic Beard Growth Oil with premium ingredients (a proprietary blend of essential oils and vitamins) to bring you the best beard growth results as fast as possible.

Please note: One bottle contains 30 ml, which equals a treatment time of 20 days. Results increase when treatment lasts over a month. That is why we recommend buying at least 2 bottles.

    • UNMATCHED NEW LOOK. Immediately increase your masculinity and your confidence. Do you want to make women go crazy for you? We honestly don't know why but growing a beard will do that for you... Something about a beard just makes people think of independent, adventurous, good-looking and good-humored men. 
    • FULLER, THICKER, MANLIER. Your beard is the strong, distinctive, masculine face you show the world, so make it count. Whether you're new to facial hair, or a committed, long-term grower, you know a full, thick, glorious beard is what you're after. 

    •  EFFECTIVE BOTANICAL SUPPORT. Herbal blend features botanicals beneficial to hair health, including pumpkin seed and nettle extracts and the Chinese herbal fo-ti (also known as he shou wu). Together they provide nourishing protection to keep your beard thick, lustrous and looking its best. 
    • ENHANCED HAIR & SKIN HEALTH. Good news! The very same nutrients that give your beard that lush, handsome fullness will also benefit your hair and skin. Powerful vitamin and herbal support helps protect hair from breakage, boost healthy growth and add volume, while nourishing and revitalizing your skin for a healthy look and feel. 

    The synergetic effect of the high-quality ingredients deeply stimulate the root of the hair. A so-called "vitality factor" emerges below the root and the hair growth is tremendously increased!

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