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Mini Handy Vacuum

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Can't take the sight of little crumbs and dirt? This little Mini Handy Vacuum is the neat freaks newest best friend. Perfect for cleaning up work areas, your bed, your couch, etc.

Whether you're a walking crumb factory, or you just plainly dislike the sight of dirt and dust, this little gizmo comes in handy. This will make sure you leave no trace and no mess anywhere you are,

  • Perfect for cleaning small spaces like work desks, beds, sofas, car seats, etc. 
  • Handy and portable, it is as small as only 10 cm
  • Wireless - no cable tangles and no fuss while vacuuming
  • Picks up food crumbs, dust, dirt, hair, etc.
  • Comes in a unique and cute ladybug design that also makes it an adorable desk accent piece

Satisfy the neat freak within you, or unleash your inner Cookie Monster without the fear of making a mess. This Mini Handy Vacuum will surely save the day!


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