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Luxurious Hair Steam Mask Treatment

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Your Ultimate Solution for that Long Lasting Straight, Shiny and Beautiful Hair!

Tired of looking for products that can make your hair beautiful or going back and forth to the salon to fix your dry hair? You can now get the hair-smoothing process that will nourish and strengthens dry hair in the comfort of your own home!
This hair mask treatment is the ultimate solution that Immediately softens hair and boosts hair’s natural shine by restoring moisture and balance in just one use.

  • Your Single Solution for that Long Lasting Shiny Hair¬†- ¬†A single application of this intensive hair mask guarantees to give you healthy hair and¬†frizz-free for a long time!

  • Get Glossy and Smooth Hair Right After you Shower¬†- You will get the quality treatment while you shower as the steam deeply restores the moisture of your hair and repairs damage from roots to tips.

  • Hot Oil and Keratin Treatment at your Fingertips¬†-¬†Using this hair treatment will reduce the maintenance that you need for your hair. You only need to use this once to achieve that straight hair; so you can ditch all the expensive products in your closet!

  • No Need to go to the Salon for an Expensive Treatment¬†-¬†You can now repair your damaged hair at home and give it a serious refresh with our reviving hair treatment. This hair steam mask is our intensely moisturizing solution for truly unruly or damaged hair.
  • Filled with Natural Oils and Premium Nutrients¬†- We've loaded this treatment up with natural oils such as argania spinosa kernel oil, shea tree fruit fat leaves, macadamia nut oil and protein-rich minerals to strengthen hair and make it look shiny and smooth for a long time.

This mask will repair your hair problems with selected vegetable oils and natural ingredients. These nutrients are capable of richly nourishing rough and damaged hair and make it smooth and glossy, with the effect comparable to a hair salon.

How to Use:

1. After shampooing, wipe excess water with a towel.
2 Cover the hair mask on your hair and fasten it with the sticker.
3. Gently massage the hair. Let your hair absorb the nutrients with its warm steam.
4. Take off the mask after 20 minutes and rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Notes: The effect may vary in different situations. Please stop use the mask if you feel any abnormality.

This hair treatment mask restores dry hair and improves its softness and elasticity making it shiny and smooth. Your hair will truly get its groove back!

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