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Korean Beard Growth Organic Care Oil

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Acclaim like one of our happy customer’s beard care treatment with our product!


                                                                WEEK 1:
I've just started growing a beard for about 6 months and it had gotten very bristly and while I knew there were tons of products out there I'm not big on scents and really didn't know what to try. My wife found this Premium unscented beard oils and I ordered them. Almost immediately I could feel some difference and now my wife likes to rub her hands through my beard. 
                                                                WEEK 2:
It's like a feather soft, but it's not bristly either. It makes it very manageable and I haven't had any issues with the scent!  I have used just a little more than the couple of drops recommended to get started, but I really like the effects and think the pricing is right on. OH and my itchiness is gone.
I now see that I have been missing out as my headline said, this oil has overly exceeded my expectations. It helps make my beard a lot shinner and more comfortable for me and for my wife. I've also noticed that my grey hairs don't stand out as much anymore. I'll highly recommend this product to anyone looking for beard oil. Great price, arrived very quick and excellent customer service. I'm extremely thankful for this product. Great job!!!

**The treatment Duration varies with the individual ** -55% customers are good within Trial Pack

- (Highly Recommend For 2-months Pack if you are FIRST-TIME USER)

How does Beard Growth Organic Care Oil work?
When growing your beard, you’ll notice it becomes really itchy. This is generally due to irritation of the skin but also the skin beneath the beard is more prone to becoming dry. Applying beard oil after a shower ensures you’re locking moisture in and getting rid of beard itch.

Using beard oil keeps the hair, skin, and follicles primed for healthy growth. A house is only as strong as the foundation it’s built on and the same goes for the beard. A few drops of beard oil a day will make a big difference in the quality of beard growth.
The mixture of conditioning carrier oils such as argan beard oil, jojoba beard oil, andalmond beard oil work together to soften the hairs leaving the beard looking fuller and healthier.
The below ingredients work to protect the skin beneath the beard, maintaining moisture levels which leads to less beard dandruff and dry skin.
Key Main ingredients:
• Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil is a pale green oil that is cold pressed from the seeds of Vitus vinifera grapes, which are widely used in winemaking, especially sauvignon blanc. It is also widely used in natural skin care and hair care products to help produce luminous hair growth and youthful skin.
• Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) root Oil
Zingibain is an active component in Ginger Oil, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Not only does it provide pain relief, it also works as a long-term solution to heal and repair inflamed areas.

Dr. Couic Marinier adds, “Ginger Essential Oil’s anti-inflammatory benefits are particularly effective for those who suffer from rheumatism”.
• Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil
 Rosemary extract exhibits antioxidative and antimicrobial properties due to the plant’s chemical constituents. These compounds are classified as phenolic acids, flavonoids, and diterpenoids.

Evidence suggests that high dose rosemary supplements may help improve mood and sleep quality in healthy adults.


“The oil makes an unruly beard manageable and so soft to the touch. Very soothing feeling after application!” – Toni T.

“This product arrived on time and my husband absolutely loves it! He has a rather bushy beard and is always complaining about how it gets tangled. He used the beard oil last night before bed, and this morning he was happy to find out he could run the comb right through it lol.” – Tory U.

“This is a great start to maintaining your beard and keeps your follicles hydrated and healthy. Plus it gives the beard a nice sheen; not a shiny oily look, but a healthy shine. It has a nice smell.” – Mike W.

“The smell is subtle so not overpowering, but enough. My GF immediately liked it so job done :) The bottle is with a teat dropper which I find better for reducing spillages and easy application, the cap ones you tip/tilt end up down the sides of the bottle. The bottle seems well sealed and screws in nicely, so I don't think will leak easily, like some do.” – Greg T.

“This product did not make my beard grow any faster, fuller or lusher. Has a high quality oil which is great for softening and giving your beard the oils it needs!” – Heinz W.


• Grows Beard Hair Faster & Healthier
Provides deep skin cell hydration for an excellent moisturizing effect, adding glow and soothes to protect damaged skin.
• Softens & Strengthens Beard
Greatly absorbed into skin, soften while providing an excellent hair shaving!
• Lesssens Pores & Inflammation
Contains natural ingredients to help promote healthy, glowing skin without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue.


• Compatibility: All skin types
• Net Content: 60 ml
• Source: Korea
• Repackage: Hong Kong


• 1 PC / 2 PCS/ 3 PCS x Beard Growth Organic Care Oil

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