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IONLift Butt Firming Magnetic Bracelet

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IONLift Butt Firming Magnetic Bracelet
With this IONLift Butt Firming Magnetic Bracelet. you canachieve a fuller. lifted and firmer butt the natural way!


This magnetic bracelet provides a natural stimulation of acupuncture points that triggers that skin to build collagen and elastin. stimulate circulation reducing the appearance of stretch marks. cellulite and wrinkles for smoother. toned and firmer buttocks.

Facilitatesfemale hormonesto uplift both your butt and hipto give you maximum results without causing any additional weight gain to other parts of your body.


  • FIRMER AND PLUMPER BUTT. Using its acupuncture stimulation. this bracelet rebuilds volume and boosts collagen productionfor a firmer. stretchmark-free and cellulites-free buttocks!


  • HASSLE-FREE BUTT LIFTING. No more need for butt pads. booty lifter shorts or expensive pills to get the butt you’ve always wanted.

  • ENERGY ENHANCER. Constructed with neodymium magnets. germanium. negative Ion and Far Infrared. embedded together to help balance your body’s energetic systems.

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. This is a safe and effective alternative to dangerous and costly surgery or implants without any side effects.

  • INSTANT VISIBLE RESULT. Be amazed and see instant visible result within weeks of continuous wearing!
  • NO WEIGHT GAIN. Targets your backside area to give your butt a natural boost without causing overall weight gain.
  • IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION. Using Magnetic therapy. this has been used for centuries to promote pain relief. reduce inflammation. improve circulation. and restore positive energy!


  • Materials: Premium Zinc Alloy.
  • Available Colors: Rose Gold. Gold. Silver and Black


  • 1 x IONLift Butt Firming Bracelet

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