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Instant Leather Repair Kit

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This Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit is a handy and user-friendly kit that can repair any cracks, cuts, burns, and tears on ANY leather and vinyl material surfaces.

  • Old Leather Will be Good As New! - This is very easy to use. Repairs cracks,  scratches, burns, cuts, rips, torn and holes in a few easy steps (the guide is included). No special skills required.
  • Save Money from Expensive Upholstery - The repair compounds are formulated to permanently bond to the leather while remaining naturally soft and flexible, and no need to replace expensive leather couch.
  • Perfect Matching Colors: Seven colors of leather repair compound are included to make it possible to match any color simply by mixing the compounds together. Complete color matching instructions are included in the kit.
  • Flawless Repair with Long-lasting Effect - This kit enables everyone to repair leather repair at home. 


  1. Prepare and clean the damaged area.
  2. Insert backing fabric.
  3. Choose grain paper.
  4. Fill the damage.
  5. Match the colour.
  6. Apply the colour.
  7. Heat cure.
  8. Smoothen and Peel

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does a repair take? 
    Light scratches can be repaired in 30 minutes or less using one layer of the adhesive. For deep cuts or holes, more layers will be required and can take a few hours to dry. 
  • How to match the colour? 
    Using the 7 colours and the colour match guide given in your kit, you can create any colour shade you want. 
  • Can you remove the adhesive if you put too much? 
    You can easily remove it before and after it dries.
  • What Can I use this on?
    You can use this on ANY Leather / Vinyl Surfaces (Couch, Boots, Handbag, Car Seat, Etc)

Luckily, with this repair kit, now you can fix literally any leather damage with near to perfect repair!


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