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Instant Age-Rewind Eyelid Tape

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There is no need to go through an expensive surgical procedure to address droopy eyelid due to ageing. You can now look younger right away with Instant Eye Lift Self Adhesive Breathable Tape.

This tape is very easy to apply with immediate result. Continuous use can give a permanent eye lift.

  • Huge Savings from Invasive Surgical Procedure  You don’t have to break the bank and go through painful surgery look younger. Get 240 pcs of stickers for a small fraction of surgical cost.
  • Look Younger In An Instant  Lift your droopy and saggy eyelid and see on the spot result. The best part is, you will get a permanent eye lift with regular, continuous use.
  • Lift your Eyelid Effortlessly – Very easy and convenient to apply. Just peel the sticker, position, as you desire, and attach the sticker with the use of the fork, included in the package. Made from the hypoallergenic material, and will not cause skin irritation.
  • Confidently Apply Your Make-up - The tapes are invisible, transparent, and can blend to any makeup with little effort. The medical grade adhesive is waterproof, breathable that lasts up to 48 hours.
  • Conveniently Tag Along As You Travel – The box with mirror is compact and tastefully designed. Handy for your travel, and presentable to be placed on your vanity table. 

Even out your droopy and saggy eyelid in an instant through painless, nonsurgical, yet effective eye lifter. It is waterproof, looks natural, and easily blends with your makeup.


  1. Bend the plastic little to peel the tip of the sticker.
  2. Use the fork included in the package to pick it up. This is to avoid skin contact from your fingers which might transfer oil or dirt to the adhesive.
  3. Position the sticker to your eyelid as you desire
  4. Gently place the tape and lightly dab using your fingertip to secure the adhesive.


Lasts up to 48 hours and provides a permanent eye lift with continuous and regular use. 

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