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Hoop Brace Knee Support

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Protective silicone pad for effective protection and massage of the knee joint. Ergonomic design of springs for a perfect support effect.

Effective to relieve acute and chronic knee pain from fatigue, strains, sprains, arthritis.


  • Open-Patella

Essential to help bend the knee with less stress and the patella gel pads to bring more comfortable movements in kneecaps.

  • Support Springs

With 2 springs in each side and 1 silicone at kneecap position, this knee brace helps your knee cap stay securely in proper position.

  • Stress Relief

Distributes knee stress during heavy and intense work or exercise, lower the risk of injury.

  • Velcro Strap

Can be wrapped around to any exterior part of the knee compression sleeve to firmly put it in place. 

  • Breathable & Comfortable

Breathable outer layers with small holes and sweat-absorbent inner layers work together to keep you cool while exercising.



Color: Black


1 Pair of Hoop Brace Knee Support


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