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Furniture Leg Pads (8 pcs)

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Protect your prized furniture and avoid damaging wooden floors with our Furniture Leg Pads! 

If you've invested money in your floors, wouldn't you want to keep them top condition? Your sofa, tables, and chairs are among the indoor furniture that can potentially scratch or scruff the flooring in your home or business.

The Furniture Leg Pads prevent any damage, either to your flooring or your furniture, before it can hit you with high repair costs.

Furniture Leg Pads

Whether for storage or moving purposes, these pads ensure that the legs of your furniture are securely covered to avoid unwanted scratches. You can now say goodbye to the squeaky noise you hear when moving tables or chairs across the floor! 

Without the need for adhesives, the Furniture Leg Pads slip on easily and stay in place until you remove them! They also work perfectly for all sizes of furniture legs. Make sure to grab your set of pads today!

  • Regular Size: 1.46 inches bottom diameter * 1.97 inches height (1.57 inches top diameter)
  • Small Size: 1.18 inches bottom diameter * 1.89 inches height ( 1.18 inches top diameter)
  • Multi-purpose. Use these pads with all kinds of furniture legs!
  • Great value for money. Durable, easy to slip on
  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: Poly-vinyl
  • Can be used for residential and commercial purposes
  • Your order includes: 8 x Furniture Leg Pads


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