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Anti-Skid Shoe Jaws

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Be winterproof to your toe with these Anti-Skid Shoe Jaws! These clever innovation makes any pair of shoes absolutely winterproof - no more skidding and slipping on snow.

  • Especially designed to make any shoe skid-free on snow 
  • Comes with 18 spikes or "jaws" that allows your shoes to have a steadier grip on the ground
  • Works as an anti-slip shoe attachment for other difficult terrains too
  • Lightweight and flexible for walking
  • Made extra durable to withstand any kind of terrain difficulty
  • Freezing Resistance - It can be used even in a -40° environment
  • Perfect for trekking on snow 
  • Fits various kinds of footwear like sports shoes, hiking shoes, mountain boots, etc.
  • Protects your shoes from damages caused by being exposed to snow or ice
  • Easy to fold and store when not in use
  • Suitable for both men and women's shoes

That's added protection for you on slippery roads come winter! If you love the outdoors then you'll absolutely love a pair of this too!


  • Never wear with high heels! Use flat footwear only
  • Never walk on marble floor, tiles, or smooth surfaces with these on.



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