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Face Changing Pet Plushie

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We've all heard the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well the same can be said for animals. There is a reason that most animals enclosures at zoos warn that although the wild animals look friendly and cuddly, they can bite.  

No creature illustrates the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde qualities of animals better than our Pet Plushies! 

Each two-faced critter has a pair of buttons hidden inside its head that controls its facial expression. Just squeeze the back of its head and the creature will arch its eyebrows and open its mouth to reveal its vicious teeth.

The shocking transformation will give a jump and a laugh to would-be cuddlers. Releasing the button restores the pet’s cute countenance, leaving no trace of the darkness that lurks beneath the innocent exterior.

If you have a pet (or child) you know how quickly the cute can turn crazy. Embrace the change with our Pet Plushies, a cute toy that turns from darling to demonic with a quick squeeze. 

Product Description:

  • Plush animals with buttons that turn expression from cute to crazy
  • Materials: polyester fiber stuffing; hard plastic nose and eyes
  • Ages 3+


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