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Cross Band Sports Bra

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A breathable sports bra that gives you full support during your physical activities. 

Wearing a FASHION BRA for WORKOUT can be very uncomfortable. But, according to research it is proven that WOMEN who undergo PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES without supporting the ligaments stretches them and causes SAGGING. It also causes BREAST PAIN. That’s why WOMEN STILL NEED A SUPPORTIVE SPORTS BRA.

Introducing you the CROSS BAND SPORTS BRA. A SPORTS BRA that is a PERFECT FIT for ANY ACTIVITY.  It’s safe for LONG WEAR, SOFT and WIRELESS. It is BREATHABLE because it is made with 100% COTTON MATERIAL and has a FRONT MESH design keeping air in and heat out of your body.

CROSS BAND SPORTS BRA has a wide BAND that SNUGS AROUND your rib cage but not too tightly giving the PERFECT SIDE SUPPORT, RIGHT FIT and prevents the showing of ROLLS and BULGES.  It has a ONE CUP SIZE that fits bra cup from B to E and gives FULL SUPPORT and no DROOPING BUST effect. Its SIDE CROSS BUCKLE is designed to HOLD UP CHEST and provides minimal stretch and REDUCE UP and DOWN MOVEMENT.


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