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Cleaning Brush Scrubber Gloves

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MVP for Dish Washing

Get those dishes squeaky clean twice as fast without damaging your hands when you use the Cleaning Brush Scrubber Gloves! They come with built-in bristles at the palm that makes such a dull chore a total breeze.

The bristles not only provide a better grip which makes them perfect for washing dishes, but they also provide greater accuracy when cleaning surfaces. These gloves also protect your hands and nails from damage from harsh dish soap, hot water, and other cleaning detergents.


  • EFFICIENT CLEANING:¬†Your hands no longer need to be occupied with a sponge, just put the gloves on, apply soap, and scrub for fast & thorough cleaning without residues

  • HEAT-RESISTANT: You can directly hold hot objects like pot without help offered by any other tool
  • USE LESS DETERGENT: Wear the gloves, rub and form bubbles from detergent easily with only few drops
  • ALTERNATIVE USAGE: Other than dish¬†washing,¬†the gloves can be¬†used for fruit wax removal, household cleaning, pet hair care, car washing, dishwashing and more

  • The gloves are more hygienic and antibacterial compared to an old-style brush
  • These ensure that your hands will stay protected against products that can irritate the skin
  • The gloves do not absorb water, resist tears and leaks even after prolonged use
  • Made of high-quality and environment-friendly material that is food grade, BPA free and FDA approved

How to Use:

  • Put detergent on the bristle
  • Rub to foam
  • Rinse and hang dry after use


  • Material: 100% Silicone
  • Color: Pink / Blue / Grey / Green
  • Size: 35cm x 14cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pair of Cleaning Brush Scrubber Gloves


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