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Auto-Cool Solar Powered Car Exhaust Fan

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The Solar-Powered Auto Fan That Helps Keep The Inside Of Your Ride Cool!

The moment you park your car the inside temperature begins to rise, and the heat continues to build, and build, more than just uncomfortable, getting into a parked car can be downright dangerous.

The secret's the solar-powered ventilation technology that uses the sun's powerful UV rays to propel a micro exhaust fan that literally pulls the stagnant heat right out of your car.

The results are dramatic! After just one hour in the sun without Auto-Cool, a car's internal temperature is over 120°Fahrenheit  / 50°Celsius but the same car with Auto-Cool is only 86°Fahrenheit  / 30°Celsius. That's a difference of 38°Fahrenheit  / 20°Celsius, which means no more suffering in the sweltering heat or wasting time waiting for your car to cool off. It also means an annual savings of hundreds in fuel costs!

Auto-Cool is the smartest thing you could ever add to your car!

Note: Auto-Cool does not work on dark tinted windows.

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